Aquatic Plant Nursery

 Water Lilies

In our nursery we grow water lilies in many different colours including tropical and miniature varieties.  Water lilies are the classic aquatic plant with their floating lily pads and beautiful coloured blooms of white, red, pink, yellow and apricot.  For them to thrive we recommend at least 20cm to 2mtrs of water over the top of the plant and at least five hours of sunshine to flower from October to May.  Yellow and Apricot varieties can flower with less sun.  Remember that water lilies are dormant over Winter with their foliage dying back to re-emerge in Spring.  Water lilies help control algae by giving surface cover and also protection for fish during the growing season.  

Submerged Aquatics

We have a wide variety of submersible aquatic plants that are decorative and also oxygenating. Having a range of pond plants is beneficial in a water garden.  They grow in different conditions such as shade or sun, foliages are wide and varied as are flowers.  Deciduous, annual and evergreen varieties are available depending of the time of the year. Many varieties are native to Australia.


Marginal/Bog Plants

Bog plants add so much to a water garden's  eco-system. Planted in and around ponds they add to the habitat for frogs, birds, fish and other wildlife to breed and provide shelter.  They also draw up nutrient in the soil and water to help keep algae levels down.  From reeds to groundcovers, colourful blooms to native grasses the options are wide and varied.



We love Iris and have a large collection of the Japanese Iris Ensata as well as the superior water Iris Pseaudacorus.  Iris Louisiana is another perennial that thrives in moist gardens and shallow water that we grow in our nursery.  A personal favourite though is Iris Siberica with its stunning blue flowers which may be grown in a boggy spot or in the garden bed.